Easy Photo Effects is probably the most easy to use photo editor you will ever find. With just a click on a button you can convert your images into black & white artworks, give them a vintage sepia look or apply a cool movie effect. Each effect can be tweaked and you can combine different effects for an unique look. Easy Photo Effects is freeware which means you can use it for free and make as much copies of the program as you want to give to your friends and family members.

Effect/Function: Sepia Effect


Remember your great-grandparent’s photos? Those weird haircuts, those romantic clothes, the moustaches, the hats and the gloves… A certain nostalgia warms your heart when looking at them, especially at the sepia photos.

Now, take a black and white and sepia picture. Note that, even if they are images of the same characters, taken in the same period, they are not alike. The brownish photo is certainly warmer, it gives you not only the feeling of tenderness, but also a sensation of “je ne sais quoi”, of old good times. Why is there such a difference between black and white pictures and sepia, and why do brownish photos last for so long?

Well, towards the 1880’s, a British photographer discovered that he could obtain monochromatic brown-based tones of photographs adding a pigment (extracted form a species of cuttlefish called Sepia officinalis) in the developing solution, while fixing the positive image. In fact, during the developing chemical process, after adding the pigment, metallic silver in the solution turns into silver sulfide. Metallic silver is 50% less stable in atmospheric pollutants as sulfur compounds, and classical black and white photos lose contrast in time.

The British photographer hit gold twice with his invention: the photos are warmer due to the higher contrast and they last longer.

The Easy Photo Effects program can obtain the same effect with digital images. Open a picture, select sepia from settings and you get a perfect vintage, classic look image. Why would you do that? Just give it a try: take a celebration moment picture (wedding, anniversary, birthday, first school day etc.) and see that the photo becomes quite different.

Easy Photo Effects can do the same for the black and white effect, but you can choose any color you wish from the settings. Black and white, sepia and other color effects are ideal for giving your pictures warmer tones and originality.


By pressing on the sepia "settings" button, which is located just above the "Sepia" button, you can change the color. In the settings click on the sepia color square, choose a color and press the "Ok" button to confirm your changes. Then press the "Sepia" button to see the effect.


vase statue normal  vase statue sepia

castle normal  castle sepia blue